How to Clean a SoftFrame Bed (like REALLY clean it)

If you have a SoftFrame Designs bed and are wondering how to clean it… you’ve come to the right place. I (Anna) had the SoftFrame Ultra bed (in white) for about a year. After about 6 months I found that spot cleaning simply was not enough. I tried it all… the recommended spot clean with a damp rag (laughable), the little green machine (normally a 10/10, but not enough in this instance), Folex (also LOVE but do not recommend here). I sought advice on TikTok and scoured the internet to no avail. I couldn’t find a single post about putting the slipcover in the washing machine. I was desperate… so I did it. And spoiler alert: it worked out!

First, I must warn you that SoftFrame does not recommend this, and I only recommend doing so if you’re truly desperate… proceed at your own risk!!!

TBH, I’m tired so I’ll write out the rest of the steps/add some photos later, but the video below explains what I did to clean my bed! It looked brand new after. Hope this helps!!! Follow us on TikTok/Instagram for all things lifestyle. 🙂

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