Orange Slice Margarita Jello Shots

OOOOMMGGG, you guys. This may just be one of the cutest things we’ve ever done. We made these for an Aperol Spritz/European Summer themed bridal shower we hosted for Greta’s friend Kelly, and these were quite the hit. If you’re looking for a fun thing to serve at your next party/shower/get together, you need to try these fun jello shots (they can be made N/A, too)! Scroll down for the recipe, and subscribe to our blog – we’ll share a follow up post with everything else we did/made for the shower, including homemade limoncello! <3

Here’s a quick video showing how to make them. The full ingredient list and instructions are listed below!


4-5 oranges

1 cup pink lemonade

2 packets of unflavored gelatin (2oz total)

1/2 cup tequila

1/4 cup triple sec

1/4 cup lime juice


  1. Cut oranges in half (cut through the stem & bottom vs. across the middle), then scoop out/discard the insides
  2. Mix tequila, triple sec and lime juice together in a heat safe pitcher or bowl
  3. Heat pink lemonade on the stove (on medium heat), slowly adding the gelatin packets, and stirring until dissolved
  4. Once gelatin is dissolved, pour the gelatin mixture into your tequila mixture, and stir until combined
  5. Add a tiny drop of pink food coloring if you want a little more color (we used a toothpick)
  6. Arrange orange halves in a muffin tin, and fill with mix
  7. Refrigerate overnight (or for a minimum of 8 hours)
  8. Using a sharp knife, slice each orange half into thirds, or quarters, and clean up any edges. A few notes: try and cut at an angle to get the best shape, and don’t be afraid to discard the outer edges!
  9. Serve & enjoy!

To make these jello shots non-alcoholic, remove the tequila, triple sec and lime juice, and add another cup of pink lemonade instead!

Let us know if you try these – and be sure to tag us on social @theblondeparty!



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