WFH Office Revamp

Hi friends! Hillary here. Today I wanted to share more on my home office (revamp).

I am 100% remote now which I do love, but I was also in desperate need of some reorganization — and I’m LOVING it. Below I will share links to my office space & a few ideas on how I made it a much better space to work and be productive in!

Before I rearranged things, my desk was facing the wall because I wanted more space for my bookshelves and peloton bike, however, rearranging my desk to face the window and the natural light is EVERYTHING. It also feels much more spacious because I now have more wall space where I was able to create a little lounge area/moment & got rid of one of my bookshelves. The key to maximizing space is continuing to rearrange until you find the perfect fit — even if that means getting rid of some furniture to make it feel spacious and comfortable 🙂 I spend roughly 8-9 hours in this room everyday & finding a way to make it a brighter and more workable space was key!

Below you will find links to my home office furniture:

Still looking for a new office chair – let us know if you have or have seen any you love!


xoxo, The Blonde Party

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