TBP Wedding Packing List Template

Now that we’ve shared all about the months of planning, celebrating, etc. leading up to Greta and Grant’s wedding, we’re finally going to address one of the hardest parts… packing for it. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but packing for an event as important as a wedding is STRESSFUL. But don’t worry too much – we’re dedicating an entire blog post to help you along the way.

Everyone can be forgetful at times, which is why we created a packing list whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, personal attendant, etc. If you are the bride, we recommend sending it along to all of your important people to avoid any unnecessary, added stress to your big day! The packing list can be found here. Just make a copy of the document and add in your specific details to make it your own. We really tried to think of annnnyything you could possibly need, but feel free to add/remove and edit any columns (once you copy it, it’s 100% yours).

Given Greta and Grant’s wedding was hours away from home, I (Ellie) sent this packing list to all of Greta’s bridesmaids, personal attendants, and Maids of Honor to ensure nothing was left behind. It turned out to be extremely helpful, and even some of the random things on it were a hit (likeeee the entire wedding party eating brunch the morning after the wedding in our eye patches). We hope you guys find this helpful and, as always, we’d love any and all feedback!

Love, Ellie & The Blonde Party

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