Pre-Wedding Beauty Regimen

Hiiiii everyone! Welcome back to day 10 of wedding week! Apologize for being slightly behind schedule getting this out, I (Hillary) have been insanely busy with work as we are coming up on our busy end of quarter! Nonetheless, we are back and SO excited to share a little glimpse into all things G was doing re: beauty treatments, workouts, appointments leading up to the wedding! One thing Greta knew she wanted for her summer wedding was to have a natural tan rather than get a spray tan, so she made sure to wear all open back swim suits and her natural tan was amaaaaaaaazing. Below is the suit Anna, Ellie and I got Greta for one of her showers – Hunza G makes some of the best.

celebratory drinks pre-welcome party! here is a link to G’s suit!

Alright, now I will walk you through a quick timeline of all her beauty treatments as well as what she was up to workout wise!

Ongoing treatments/6 months out:

  • Lumineux whitening strips
  • Early morning lifetime classes followed by the sauna
    • Some of Greta’s favorites: UpperRX, Barre, H.I.I.T, Warrior Sculpt
    • Orange Theory mixed in
      • I got G to join Orange Theory when we were down in Florida and it was great mixing in lifetime with orange theory leading up to the wedding — we even did two a days some mornings, felt so good & was so fun to have someone to hold you accountable. Biggest advice to getting into a workout routine, find a good accountability group, it makes it so much more fun and easy to go!

Two weeks out:

Week of:

G went with dip powder & her color was: 596 Oak Buff

Let us know if you want more details about the treatments/people G saw leading up to the wedding or anything at all! The biggest thing is to plan well in advance because it is going to feel like you are squeezing in a lot in the short weeks leading up when you will likely have a lot of other things going on as well, but it’s all worth it 🙂

Happy Saturday!

xoxo, Hill & The Blonde Party

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