Writing the Maid of Honor Speech

Hi everyone! Hillary here, going to share a little perspective into how Anna, Ellie and I approached the MOH speech! Ok so it may not come as surprise to some of you, but with all the wedding planning and to-dos, it came down to the wire a liiiiiiittle bit for our MOH speech. Although, again not surprising, there were so many things we could write about Greta and Grant! Thus, procrastination certainly was not due to a lack of ideas, nice things we could say or stories we could share– it was more so around how do we deliver it in the best and most meaningful way. We knew we wanted a little mix of funny, emotional, roasting, and jumping around from each of our perspectives because we think it’s so unique that we all have similar things to say about Greta and Grant– but all were in such different stages of life to experience their love story. We started with an outline – stories we wanted to make sure we incorporated and what the overarching themes would be. From there, we made sure that we had an equal part of funny, sentimental and embarrassing stories. During the initial process of writing the speech — we just wrote — stream of consciousness — to get down everything on paper. Then, we fine-tuned. We made sure that our grammar was perfect, the stories flowed nicely, yet it still felt like a good mix of our own voices and personal flairs. We also made sure that our speech had impactful transitional sentences so that each story was connected to the next in some way. An important part of our speech from the beginning/planning phase was that we wanted to make sure it was engaging and very meaningful and that’s why we decided to split it up so that each of us was saying a sentence or two at a time then it switched to another person. I think it not only made the speech more engaging, but also less pressure to have to remember or read a LONG paragraph (except when you shared how you set them up Ellie, sorry about that – too good not to have shared every detail). Lastly, we practiced, practiced, practiced. Even so much as a few times again after the ceremony on the day of the wedding. Definitely recommend practicing, it helps with the delivery/timing of any jokes and also with the memorization (even though we did have it all written out on our phones – which we recommend as well!) Overall, it was so fun to sit down with Ellie and Anna and reminisce on all the fun memories growing up with four sisters and why we love Greta and Grant separately and as a couple SO much. As we wrote and told story after story, it once again solidified that Greta and Grant have been soulmates from the day they met. Not a single doubt about that!

For those that weren’t at the wedding or for anyone that wants to re-watch the MOH speech, we posted an IGTV on our Instagram so go check it out on our instagram: @theblondeparty. Make sure you stay tuned until around minute 6 for my accidental blooper– Grant, don’t worry, it was all part of the plan to get a good laugh from the crowd 🙂

Let us know if you want any help or inspo for any upcoming wedding speeches – we’re always here to help!

xoxo, Hill & The Blonde Party

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