Bachelorette Party Venmo Stickers

This post is sliiiightly overdue, but many of you may have seen our TikTok on how we got over $1,000 in Venmo’s for Greta’s bachelorette party (the TikTok can be found here). We saw people doing this trend as we planned the trip wanted to figure out how we could make our own. After a bit of trial and error, we finally figured out how to put our own twist on the trend, and to our surprise it was a hit! So many generous people contributed to making G’s bachelorette party a success, and I’m excited to say that today I will finally be walking you through exactly how we did it, and how you can use our template to create Venmo stickers for your bach as well!

To get things started, you will need to purchase mailing labels. We have linked some Target ones here, but any standard 2×4 inch labels work! Once you have the labels, it’s time to save your Venmo QR code image (it’s important to note that before you save the QR code image, be sure to change your Venmo name and picture if you want it to be something bach party related).

To save the QR code image, go into your Venmo and in the bottom left corner click “scan” and then “Venmo me.” On the bottom right, you will see this screen with the share graphic in the bottom right corner that will give you the option to save the image.

Click “save image”

Crop the image in your photos so that it is a square that only shows the QR code and your Venmo name.

Open up our Canva template that can be found here and select “use template.”

From here, insert your Venmo QR code image by doing the following: click on the sample image we’ve provided, “replace,” “upload media” to insert your own QR code image you saved in the previous step, and adjusting it properly within the template. Once the image is properly inserted, click the “share” toggle on the upper right of the screen and download the template as a jpeg.

After you have downloaded the jpeg, click here to insert it into the final template used for printing (we recommend doing this part on your computer).

Make sure the width is 2 inches and the height is 4 inches, and then click “design now.” At this point, you will find the “upload art” toggle on the left of the page, where you will click that to upload your template jpeg image. Once uploaded, adjust the image as needed to create your final label stickers. After everything looks good, click “print” on the upper right of the web page and then select “print from home” and “download & print PDF.” At this point, you should have a PDF with 10 Venmo label graphics. From here, all you need to do is insert your label sheets into your printer and print as many as you desire!

Once you have printed the stickers, bring them to the airport, bars, etc. to stick on your bach party crew! We hope you have as much fun with these Venmo stickers as we did and, as always, tag us and let us know if you used them 😘

xoxo, Ellie & The Blonde Party

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