Greta’s Bachelorette Party Recap

The moment you have all been waiting for… The Bachelorette TRIIIIIIIIIIIIP! It’s time to share some highlights, memories, and photos from PALM SPRINGS! 

Before I let Hillary take it away with the full bach party recap, I (Anna) wanted to quickly share about the things we bought/ made for Greta’s bachelorette party. While we didn’t really have a theme, we focused on a lot of pinks and just overtly girly things. The girls all helped with bringing decor, and we used our bachelorette party google sheet (check out our previous posts) to list everything we were bringing and allow people to sign up for things.

Here’s what we decided to include in our welcome bags:

party favors
personalized straw bags
veil (for G)

We’ll link what we can below, but I made the sweatshirts and customized the visors!

Here is the decor/supplies packing list:

✰ decorations ✰
pool floaties
drink floaties
air pump for floaties
grant’s face on a stick
drinking buddies
inflatable beach ball
beach blanket
drinking buddies money gun
engagement ring banner
wife of the party banner
temporary tattoos
balloon pump
classic balloons
bride balloon
big confetti balloons
engagement ring balloon
paper fans

And here are links to some of the things we bought (and a few similar items).

✰ bar & party supplies ✰
personalized plastic cups
cocktail napkins
prickly pear syrup
cocktail glitter
custom drink pouches
ring shot glasses
ring pops
“bride” crazy straw
drink umbrellas
cute straws for drinks
portable speaker for the pool
disposable cameras
bach games

And here are links to some of the things we bought (and a few similar items). Note, I customized our drink pouches and made a few of the banners we used!

✰ “detox bar” items ✰
liquid IV
detox bar sign
detox juice pouches

And here are links to some of the things we bought (and a few similar items). Note, I customized these drink pouches and made the detox bar sign!

Now that we have the prep out of the way, Hillary’s here to recap the weekend!!

Let’s start with a little background leading up to the trip. Anna, Ellie, and I knew we wanted to surprise Greta with a liiiittle something (given she is the hardest person in this entire world to keep plans or anything from) so we planned for the girls to come pick up their bach party bags a few days before the trip so we could all surprise Greta in our matching #gretasgirls sweatshirts and pink sunglasses. Then, we had Greta come over the night before we left so she could open her bridal bag! She also had the matching pink sunnies along with a veil and we made her a custom pink sweatshirt as well with “wife of the party” on one side and “bride on cloud wine” on the other (more to come from Anna on alllll the decor/apparel). Fast forward to Thursday around noon, where Anna, Ellie, and I met at Greta and Grant’s house to drive to the airport together. When we arrived at their house, Greta had the cuuuuutest little glasses of champagne for us all to have as a little pre celebratory drink to kick off the best weekend ever! What made this trip extra fun was that a majority of the group was on the exact same flight out of Minneapolis so when we got to the airport, there was a huge group of girls all wearing their matching pink sweatshirts and sunglasses and Greta was so surprised!!!!!! (Surprise one, success). After we all got to the airport, we immediately all put on the custom Venmo stickers (more on how to make these for your next bachelorette trip from Ellie) so people could buy the bride a drink – and we were off!

Hellloooo Palm Springs and The Marley Hotel. The flight felt pretty short because we were all sitting by each other and so excited for the long weekend to begin! However, after sitting for awhile we were so thankful The Marley was only a short 5 minute ride from the airport. And OH MY was the property beautiful and perfect for our group of 20 girls. It had everything you could want for a bachelorette trip. The cutest rooms, a huge pool, fire pit, hot tub, giant ice maker (huge perk), plenty of seating and long tables around the pool/lounge area all with a perfect view of the gorgeous mountains in the background. Once we arrived, we needed to find a way to distract Greta so we could setup all the decorations. So we had Greta and a few friends go on a detour in their Uber to make an essentials grocery run. While they were gone, the rest of us set it all up: floaties, streamers, signs, balloons, tablecloths, Greta’s room, and we managed to get it all done right as Greta came back (surprise two, success). Because we arrived a little later, we planned to just order in some food that night, have drinks and hang by the pool and hot tub… but we were all so excited to be together and celebrate Greta we ended up going to a fun bar down the street – of course wearing all of our Venmo stickers to get some free drinks!


We woke up, everyone put on their favorite athleisure sets and Courtney (@FitformebyCourtney) and Ali (@FitxFreie) led a fun group workout! You have to checkout their workouts if you haven’t, they are the besttttt. We then took to the streets of Palm Springs and went for a long walk. The weather was incredible and it felt so nice to get a workout and some steps in before a fun day of celebrating. One thing Anna, Ellie and I found to be extremely helpful when planning for a big group was using Instacart to put a grocery list together, especially in a place you aren’t as familiar. Rather than having to go to the store, we ordered through Instacart and everything was there within a couple hours which was so nice. We ended up just keeping track of all the expenses and Venmoing people after the fact which worked really well also.

After our walk, it was time to hit the pool! We all put on our neon suits and headed out to the pool for some food, mimosas, and just relaxing. While we were hanging out by the pool… surprise number 3! Grant had ordered a bartender to come for the afternoon and it was the sweetest and most fun surprise ever. Silvia we love you… IYKYK. She really was the best, mixing any drink we requested, even went inside and made a couple different snack trays for us and brought it out while we were all floating in the pool. It was the best surprise and SUCH a fun day. Later on in the day we took some really fun group pictures in our pink babe visors we made for everyone and Greta had a special bride one. Thanks again Silvia for capturing some group photos!!! Woman of many talents.

That night was our planned theme night- WIG PARTAAAAY. Let me tell you that absolutely everyone killed the theme. Honestly, I brought a few different colored wigs because I’m not sure if it’s my head or forehead that is too big, but I feel like all wigs look a little strange on me. Nonetheless, it turned out perfectly and the outfits/wigs were incredible. Greta had the most amazing outfit we’re going to link for all you brides to be! For dinner we ended up grilling out which was so fun and so easy with a big group! Much of Palm Springs was closed due to the pandemic, but it ended up being so fun staying in for most of the meals because The Marley Hotel was so cute and had everything we needed! 


On Saturday, we started the day with a walk and then it was brunch & detox bar time! A few of us scrambled eggs, cooked up some bacon, made an avocado toast bar, put out yogurt and fruit and it was the perfect mix of light/hearty meal knowing we were going to have another fun day of celebrating our G! The “detox juice” juice pouches Anna made were so fun and so easy to pack! After brunch, we had planned on just hanging by the pool and having another pool party with games, opening gifts, and of course when in Palm Springs on a bachelorette party… we needed to break out the edible pink glitter. Another fun day just hanging out by the pool with everyone. This time for the pool party, everyone was in black suits and Greta wore her adorable white Revolve bathing suit (we’ll link on a later post). After a day of fun and games, floating in the pool, it was the perfect time to gather around and have Greta open up her gifts. Thinking and reminiscing on the trip, it was fun that we planned to do gifts later on in the day and later on in the weekend. One of Greta’s friends Berit also brought some disposable cameras to document the trip and it was such a fun way to document memories from the trip.  We were at one of Greta’s showers later on in the summer and it was SO fun to look back on and keep as memories!

While we knew that we weren’t going to be able to go out to any restaurants while in Palm Springs, we wanted to find a way to incorporate a meal that was made by us into our itinerary. The Marley Hotel was fantastic in giving us recommendations for different activities or chefs and we found Chef Robert Wepplo, who I found out later actually happened to be from Minnesota! We went with his Mexican menu and everything was so good. All kinds of different tacos, salsas, corn elote, chips and guacamole – it was perfect for a big group and so fun to have someone else come in and cook some delicious food! Doing this on on our last night was also perfect because we knew we didn’t want to have too much food leftover with leaving on Sunday. And that leads us to our final surprise for Greta! She had no idea we had scheduled a chef to come (she thought we were having pizza, haha). We all planned to dress up in whatever nicer outfit you wanted and it was fun to get some awesome pictures – everyone looked so good! Personally, this is one of my favorite white outfits Greta wore during wedding season and we’ll be sure to link her outfit for all of you! 🙂 


Sadly, at some point all the fun had to come to an end :(. Although, good thing there weren’t many flight options out of Palm Springs so most of us were flying back that afternoon so we did get a full pool day in which was so fun. We were all a little tired from the days before ha so we went for a walk for coffee and bagels in the morning, then we mostly just sat around the pool talking, catching up on all the fun moments of the weekend and taking in some California sun before heading back to Minny. One thing I love most about Greta is how inclusive she is with all her friends – and we all just had the best time ever together because Greta makes everyone feel so welcomed. Having never been to Palm Springs before – I highly recommend you check it out for your next bachelorette or girls weekend trip! So fun and beautiful weather. Until next time, Palmy xoxo

With love, 

Hill & The Blonde Party

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