Asking My Maids of Honor & Bridesmaids

I was sooo excited when it was time to ask my MOH’s/bridesmaids/personal attendants to be in my wedding, having your best friends stand by your side on your big day is such a special feeling.

Let’s start with maids of honor… before anyone in my family was ever engaged, we always talked about doing a rotation type of thing when we got married. For example, Anna could have Hillary as her MOH, Hillary could have me, I could have Ellie, etc. However, when it came down to actually deciding how that would work, I didn’t really want to do that. Each of my sisters play such an important role in my life and I wanted all of them to play an equal role in my wedding. I made the decision I was going to ask all of them, and I am so so happy with my decision  I think they were all a little shocked when I asked all of them, but it ended up working out so well! They all contributed in different ways & it worked out perfectly. The day I actually asked them was a really special day, I had said yes to the dress! So, my sisters, sister-in-law & my mom and mother-in-law had all planned to come over for dinner to celebrate. When they came over to celebrate me finding my dress, I was actually asking them to be in my wedding! With the help of my mom, we created these fun little boxes filled with goodies.

When it came to asking my bridesmaids, I struggled because I wish I could have had every single one of my friends in my wedding, ha! But I thought 10 would be a good number, Grant had 10 guys and I had 10 girls + 3 personal attendants. I had all my friends over for pizza in our backyard and had the table set with all of their gifts (see photo below) Included in the boxes were a candle, face mask, oil blotting paper & some macaroons and then I gave them all a bottle of rose with a big wine straw and wrote personalized letters to them all. (all linked below) One other tip is to not get a lot of stuff that says “bridesmaid” on it because then they probably won’t use it as much after the wedding! I didn’t go overboard on the boxes because I wanted to get them things that I know they would use. Plus, I got them wedding gifts as well (which you will learn about later) so I kept that in mind when I was asking them.


Also, here’s a pic of how Grant asked his guys. I know girls the are the ones helping the guys out with that 😉 and it can be hard to figure out what to do! My advice for the guys: keep it simple because truth is, they aren’t expecting anything crazy & they won’t really care. We found these custom labels/whiskey bottles on Etsy, and they ship to you & you fill with your own alcohol, super easy & turned out so cute! Will link the Esty shop here:


Grant and I both had the BEST wedding party we could have imagined. We had so much fun leading up to the wedding & then the wedding weekend as well. It truly was the best time of my life with all our best friends.

– Greta

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