How to Choose Your Engagement Photo Outfits

Hi everyone! Welcome back to day two of wedding week, where I (Ellie) will be focusing on everything you need to know about engagement photo outfits. I will share what Greta wore in her engagement pictures, and I will also walk you through some tips on how to choose the perfect outfit(s) for yours.

To start off, when you’re thinking about what to wear, try and opt for elevated basics. Instead of flashy patterns and prints, think simple (like a white top) with a pop of something unique like fun sleeves. If you want to do something a little more “out there,” add in that excitement through accessories. That way you always have the option to take them on or off (as Greta did with her custom jean jacket by The Blonde Party), and you can take pictures both ways! You want to make sure your pictures are timeless, and remember… the best thing about engagement photos are the actual PEOPLE in them, so sticking to the basics is the perfect way to ensure you and your fiancé (and not to mention that new ring on your finger) really pop.

The second (and arguably most important) tip we have for you is to make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you traditionally wear a certain style of jeans, a specific cut of shirts, etc., don’t feel like you have to change it up just for these pictures! It is so important to feel like yourself in what you wear, and to also make sure you like yourself in it. The reason we all tend to gravitate towards certain styles more than others is because they make us feel our best. If you are comfortable and confident in what you wear, we promise you will look your absolute best! So, to ensure you’ll really love the look, we suggest doing a few test shots sitting/standing in different poses in each outfit. They don’t have to be fancy (an iPhone works just fine), but this will give you a better idea of what you like and what you don’t like.

The last tip we have for you is to coordinate with your fiancé to wear things that compliment each other. Stay away from matching as it doesn’t photograph as well, but planning together is key! Choose colors that will look good next to each other, and if you can, we also suggest doing a couple test shots together to make sure you like the look as a whole.

Below are some of Greta and Grant’s engagement photos where you can get some inspiration for simple yet flattering outfits. Some of her favorite places to find stuff were Free People, Madewell, Zara, and Sabo Skirt. As you can see, she incorporated everything we talked about above and, although we may be biased, we think they turned out pretttttyyyyy amazing.

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