Chic Black Bridesmaid Dresses + How to Choose Your Bridal Party’s Dresses

You asked, so here they are – some of our bridesmaid dresses from Greta’s wedding (+ a few extra ideas)!

When it came to deciding on bridesmaid looks, there was a lotttt of family discussion. Ultimately, Greta decided to go with long, black dresses (PRAISE THE LORD, WE COULD NOT BE MORE OBSESSED WITH THIS LOOK!!!!). She sent us links to a few inspo shops – BHLDN, Show Me Your Mumu, but also told us to check out Revolve, or wherever we typically like to dress shop. We were encouraged to mix and match styles and fabrics, and she just asked that we text her photos so she could make the final call on if the dress would work well with the others. This is a process I (Anna) have experienced through many of my friends weddings, and IMO is the ideal way to handle bridal party dresses. Your bridesmaids will look best when they’re confident and able to pick out a dress that best suits them, and it allows for people to find dresses in price points they’re comfortable with. That said, ensuring the bride has the ultimate say is VERY important – it is her day, after all. Brides, if you have bridesmaids who you think will need a little more direction, try sending them dresses you think will look great on them! Or, if you’re more of a timid bride who doesn’t feel comfortable speaking up if one of your maids’ dresses isn’t quite right, ask one of your bridesmaids or MOHs to be the bridal look organizer. We didn’t have any issues with dress selection, but know that may not be the same for every friend group.

What do you think about the black dresses? We absolutely loved how chic the black looked, and that nothing felt too stuffy/contrived (ex: no one LOOKED like they were wearing a bridesmaid dress). Note, this is just our current (Summer 2021) take – we know trends/our tastes will continue to change, and you have to do whatever you love! This is just what we’re loving at the moment. 🙂

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