Amazon Faves & Prime Day Deals

Hey All! I (Anna) just looked through everything I’ve ever purchase on Amazon…. (not kidding) and have linked some of my faves below. Fun fact: my first ever purchase was the textbook “Fundamentals of Corporate Finance.” Safe to say, that did not make the list. Let us know if you buy anything!

Echo Show 5 (this is the one I have, but I’ll link a more recent model below!)

Here’s the more recent model referenced above.

Smart Plugs – the best invention ever. I schedule my lamps to turn on in the morning a few minutes before my alarm goes off and it’s a game changer.

I keep one of these in my bathroom to listen to music/podcasts/audiobooks while I shower or get ready!

I have an older version of this in my kitchen. It has amazing sound quality for the price!

IYKYK, this thing is the best.. and so inexpensive right now! I’ll link the upgraded model below, but this is the one I have.

I would consider upgrading for this price…

Sorry, last thing Cricut related. I don’t own an easy press, but will be buying one today.

I am obsessed with this sleek electric tea kettle!!

I love this little glass milk carton for coffee creamer

Love my aeropress!

Glass coffee mugs

Milk frother

Everyone needs a butter crock.

Half gallon water bottle


Car vacuum


Freddie’s FAVORITE dog bed. I’m buying another as we speak.

I bought 3 packs of these to organize my pantry/fridge. LOVE.

I love these SO much. They’re the perfect size, they don’t leak and I’m never looking for a matching lid (why I don’t like food storage variety packs).

Expensive, but good to buy every once and awhile.

These knives are cute and will do the trick until I invest in a really nice set.

Toaster ovens are so underrated, especially if you’re only cooking for 1 or 2 people!

I really like this vacuum so far. Inexpensive and lightweight/cordless.

Random, but I’ve been wearing these a lot lately.

Cute little two pack of sunnies, very similar to my Ray-Bans

The cutest dryer balls from the sweetest small business.

Digital scale that pairs with certain fitness apps

Okay, these aren’t on sale, but everyone always asks for the link to them. I add labels that say “hand” and “dish” and they’re so cute!

Food scale

I use these with micellar water

Vanity mirror

Fabric shaver. Surely you’ve heard me talk about this before. THE BEST.

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone living in an apartment, or with really hard water.

Okay, not on sale for Prime Day, but I also get asked about this a decent amount so linking here!

My air fryer isn’t sold anymore, but this one is similar and has great reviews!

Testing this out as a dog camera! If I don’t love it, I’ll get the Furbo.

Love this face oil!

This one too!

Really like this face sunscreen.

Love this moisturizer.

Sunday Riley is truly the best.

One of our fave lip treatments.

These truly are worth the price.

You know we love these & they’re on sale!

I love this little dish scrubber because it’s cute enough to leave on the counter!

I haven’t used before, but I just purchased! So many people rave about this portable charger, and I want one for G’s wedding weekend.

Haven’t tried this yet, but just ordered! For about $6 this seems like a great thing to throw in my bag!

I don’t own this, but it looks like it could be a good purchase for cold brew lovers!

I exclusively use Nordic Ware baking sheets. I own these and LOVE THEM SO MUCH. They’re so easy to clean!

Have these in a different colorway and really like them!

These are similar to the Anthropologie glass straws we own & love!

We love love love these corkcicle mugs for our morning coffee walks.

We love these sleek wine glasses. We also have the acrylic version, but they’re sold out. 🙁

I don’t own these, but I’ve always wanted them. Maybe you will too? Haha


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