Novelty Ornaments to Gift your BFFs (2020)

Growing up, we always had multiple Christmas trees in our home. We’d have a perfectly decorated tree in our living room (that we had zero part in decorating), fun tinsel trees in all of our bedrooms, and another tree in either the basement or bonus room where we put all of the mismatched ornaments we’d collected over the years. While we still want beautiful, curated trees to be the focal points of our homes, we always loved unpacking the boxes that housed all of our funny heirlooms and want to continue that tradition as well. We are planning to start an annual ornament exchange, so that we can start building our own eclectic collections. Here are some ornaments we found that we think would be fun gifts and would bring smiles for years to come. 🙂 And yes, there are over 40, because we couldn’t stop. Sorryyyyy.

P.S. the featured photo was taken at Altar’d State at the Mall of America. They have some of THE BEST ornaments; many of which are linked above!


The Blonde Party

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