2020 Holiday Gift Guides

Gifts for the Cozy Homebody

Gifts for Girls Who Like Everything

Gifts for the Artsy/Eclectic Ones

Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Gifts for Entertainers

Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Experiential, Subscription and Other Gift Ideas

  • Subscription to Audible – we are obsessed with Audible and highly, highly recommend it as a gift.
  • Subscription to MasterClass – give them the gift of learning a new skill.
  • Gift certificate for ski lessons, tennis lessons, etc. Better yet, offer to join them and learn a new hobby together.
  • Gift card to a nail salon, for laser hair removal (…know your audience with this one), massage, cryotherapy, or some other form of self-care
  • Gift card to a cool new restaurant, their fave coffee shop, or a local boutique
  • Gift card to your local theater, to be used once shows/musicals start back up
  • Costco membership (reader suggestion – perfect for college students & recent grads)
  • State park membership (reader suggestion – how cool & unique!)
  • Custom photo books
  • Vintage university memorabilia (search Ebay for cool finds from their alma mater)

Gifts for Kids

Okay, we don’t have very many littles in our lives, so this is kind of a shot in the dark. You’re probably best off asking their parents what they’re into these days. However, if you just want to go rogue, here are some things we think could be fun. We’ve included a few things our little foster bros are/were into, and a few things we liked as kids, so if you see weirdly specific things… that’d be why, haha.

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