10 Home Workouts to Try During Quarantine

In no particular order, here are ten at-home workouts we have been loving during quarantine. Since working out at home can tend to feel a little monotonous, we like to switch it up with different types of classes, programs and instructors. The majority of below are subscription based, but we do have a few free options listed as well! Also, many of the below offer free trials and/or the occasional free class via social media, so be sure to check them out there too!

We’ve created the below table to help you decide which workout is right for you. We first start by asking ourselves if we REALLY want to sweat today. With some programs, it’s a given (looking at you Stoke Wellness), where some other programs have more moderate or lower intensity options. For example, Life Time has a lot of everything, so depending on the class you take, it could fall into either category. The next thing we consider is class variety. Sometimes we find a class we love and we stick to it for years (heyyy Core Power Yoga Sculpt), but other times we are looking to mix it up with a HIIT class one day and Barre the next. So, we thought it was important criteria to include below. Next, we often times like to pair a few shorter workouts together (it can make things feel more manageable), so we noted some of the programs that have a lot of short classes available. Lastly, we noted which options are free. We wholeheartedly believe in supporting these amazing programs and instructors, and think they’re all worth the $$.

Ooh, before we forget – don’t forget to also check out our home fitness essentials (all the equipment we use for our home workouts) so you don’t have to use White Claws like we once did.

ProgramI REALLY want to sweatI just want to move my bodyclass varietyshort classes availablefree
Holly J. Fitnessxx
Stoke Wellnessx
Life Time Fitnessxxxxx
Fit For Me By Courtneyxx
Melissa Wood Healthx
The Blonde Party’s Fave Home Workouts
  1. Peloton We love Peloton workouts. There are so many great classes, their instructors are so motivating and the licensed music is a major plus. We love adding one of their 10 min cardio classes onto the end of another workout. Short but effective! And in case you didn’t know, you don’t need a bike for many of their workouts.
  2. KAMPS We love that at-home workouts provide the flexibility to work out whenever our schedule allows. However, we also sometimes need that extra push. KAMPS is a live workout class, so instead of saying “I’ll do it later,” you are held accountable. KAMPS is great because they offer various live workouts throughout the day, and they all target different things (cardio, full-body, etc.)
  3. ALTR We love the energy at ALTR & love the fact that it’s always something different! You could do their workouts 5 times a week and you’d target something different each time. The instructors are also the best.
  4. Holly J. Fitness Holly’s classes are amazing. There aren’t any crazy weird moves, so people of all fitness levels can really get an amazing workout. They’re intense, but since you’re continuously switching things up, the time passes really quickly!
  5. Stoke Wellness Toughest workouts of them all? Stoke Wellness. Jac is a force and we absolutely love her positive energy and her great taste in music. She is one of our all-time favorite instructors and this list would not be complete without her.
  6. Life Time Fitness We love the Life Time workouts because of all the variety. We particularly like Barre, Shred and Upper RX classes. They’re great to do with the whole family, and you always know what you’re going to get.
  7. FitxFreie We love working out with Ali. She offers lots of free Yoga Sculpt classes via her Instagram and YouTube. As previously mentioned, we all love a good Yoga Sculpt, and she always seems to incorporate new moves to keep things interesting.
  8. MadFit We really like a lot of Maddie’s workouts, and they’re great to do when you don’t have an Apple TV to mirror your computer or phone. If you have a Smart TV, you can just pull up her workouts on YouTube and you’re good to go! She has a lot of short workouts, so they’re are a great way to supplement some of the other workouts on this list.
  9. Fit For Me By Courtney Courtney’s workouts are amazing for sculpting your body. Toning, toning, toning! The majority of her workouts are low impact, so they’re perfect for when you aren’t feeling up to a really intense workout. That said, by the time you get moving, you’re definitely going to be feeling the burn.
  10. Melissa Wood Health MWH workouts are mostly pilates based – lower impact, but great for lengthening and toning. It’s amazing how little movements can be so killer!

Let us know if you give any of these a try! We’d also love any of your recommendations for virtual fitness. Leave us a comment below, or head over to our Instagram!

xo, theblondeparty

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