How I Chose my Wedding Dress 💍

Before I started dress shopping, I heard time and time again “when you get into it, you will just know it’s the one right away.” Annnd for me, that was not the case. Wedding dress shopping is supposed to be so fun, and for the most part, it was! But I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little stressed out after leaving each appointment having found several that I loved. I know that might sound annoying, people would be like “well that’s a good problem to have!” And I know, it is better than not finding any that you love, but at the time I was just really overwhelmed and could not fathom how I would ever choose. None of them gave me the chills or made me cry right away or made me think like yep, this is it. My mom would keep reminding me, “don’t get overwhelmed, don’t get stressed out, you are going to find the perfect dress & be in love sometimes it just takes time.” Thankfully, my mom and my sisters would take countless photos in every dress, and at night I would lay in bed swiping through every single photo analyzing everything.

My sister Hillary was coming home for a week and we had a couple more dress appointments, I was CONVINCED I was going to find the dress while she was home. At this point, I had a few weeks to digest the, what felt like hundreds, of dresses I tried on. When I would look at all the photos there was this certain one that I just kept going back to. I originally had ruled it out, but I kept staring at the photos of it and it wouldn’t leave my mind.

Finally, the day arrived and we went back to The White Room for the second time. This time my mom, all three of my sisters Grants mom, Michelle, and his sister, Tatum, all joined. I tried on about 4 to 5 new ones and then lastly… the one I kept thinking about. The minute I put it back on, I knew it was the one. I went out and showed everyone and instantly there were tears – not only from me, but from everybody. Finally, the feeling that everyone kept telling me about hit me… I KNEW it was the one. And even though I had tried the dress on before and I didn’t have that reaction right away, I was 1000% convinced the next time I tried it on. It was the one. I couldn’t be happier.

So, my advice to anyone is out looking for their dress is IT’S OKAY TO NOT KNOW RIGHT AWAY. Sometimes you need to try on a zillion to know what makes you feel the best. It is okay to try all of your options and then come back to the originals. It is okay to analyze photos for weeks before you know. Wedding dress shopping looks different for everyone and there is no correct way to go about it. Take your time, trust your gut, enjoy every second (even if you feel overwhelmed) & choose what makes you feel like the most beautiful bride! <3



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