Quick & Easy Lemon Water Hack

lemons, lemon juicer and ice cube tray on a kitchen counter

We’ll keep this brief – here’s an easy way to shave a few minutes off of your morning routine and make one of your healthy habits stick.

Lemon water is great, right? Most of our friends would likely agree that they’d love to start their day off with a big glass of lemon water. The reality is, for most of us anyway, is we’re often running out the door and the last thing we feel like doing is getting out a cutting board, our lemon juicer, and squeezing some lemon juice into our water. Obviously, you can skip the juicing apparatus, but then you have to deal with seeds… and come on, no one wants that. First world problems, we know, but the reality is it’s a lot easier to skip these little healthy habits when they seem inconvenient.

Enter: lemon juice ice cubes.

Once every few weeks, juice some lemons and fill an ice cube tray with the juice. Throw them in the freezer overnight. In the morning, all you have to do is grab a lemon juice ice cube and add it to your water. We know, we know, the amount of time this really saves you is rather inconsequential, but it’s the mental piece that this really helps. When things are this easy, it’s hard to find an excuse for not doing it.

BONUS: You can also do this with limes (or really any fruit). If you have lemons and limes that are going to go bad soon (we love you, Costco), this is a great way to avoid food waste. Also, these ice cubes are really nice to have on hand for when your pre-game turns into a full blown house party and you run out of the fresh stuff.

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