Helping Our Teachers

Hey friends!

Last night, we were perusing Instagram and came across the #ClearTheLists/#ClearTheList hashtag. Moved by the stories of educators that pour so much of their free time and personal finances into helping their students, we wanted to give back.

Think about the last few Amazon purchases you’ve made. If you’re anything like us, you prooobably could have gone without at least one of those items [looking at you, electric nail file]. So, with that in mind, we figured we’d make a few purchases for others.

So far, we’ve given to 10 teachers in the following states: Minnesota, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Utah, Nevada, and California. Most of these people we found via searching the #ClearTheList hashtag (and clicking the “recent” tab). We looked for posts with just a few likes, and tried to spread the love around. If you want to help, we recommend doing the same!

In addition, we had a few teachers reach out to us with some very sweet notes! Here are links to their lists if you would like to shop them directly:

Malia – Provo, UT: CLICK TO HELP!

Chandi – Dallas, TX: CLICK TO HELP!

Emily – Washington: CLICK TO HELP!

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