Spring Trend: Shell Accessories

If you told us six months ago we’d be sporting shell jewelry this spring, we probably wouldn’t believe you. Although shell jewelry will always remind us of the puka shell necklaces we thought were sooooo cool in elementary school, we are here for the shell resurgence. Call it what you want [Naples-grandma-chic], but we think it’s cool.

That said, there is a fine line between cool and tacky with this trend, and we are walking it. In order to pull of the look, don’t go overboard (we’ve seen some questionable pieces out there) and make sure the rest of your outfit is semi put together.

In order to try out the shell trend, we stopped by Forever 21 looking for a inexpensive necklace to test things out. We were not about to shell out [ha!] a lot for a necklace without first making sure we were into the look. Now that we’ve decided we are vvv into the shell trend, we’re looking for some more pieces to add to our collections.

Here are a few faves that we’ve found so far:

What do you think? Are you into it? Let us know!

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