New Year, New Us

Okay, not really.

We’re not too big on setting official New Year’s Resolutions, but post-holiday January always feels like a good time to reset and get back to basics. It’s the perfect time to get back into a routine, finish those lingering projects and re-prioritize. So, here we are.

For those that don’t already know, we’re all in pretty different stages of life: Ellie: high school, Greta: college, Hillary: post-grad (living in Europe) and finally Anna: in the “real world” (working). In spite of this, we still share a lot of the same goals and “resolutions” for 2017. When looking at all of the little things we resolve to do more or less of in 2017, we realized we could sum everything up with three simple words, our 2017 mantra:


Too often we find ourselves counting down the days until the next party or vacation. Making plans. Breaking plans. Talking about things we want to do later, and putting things off until “tomorrow.” We often fail to live in the moment and view each day as a new opportunity.

While “making it count” can seem totally aspirational and lead you to believe we plan to fill our days to the max (yoga, work, reading, cooking, etc.) Over-scheduling is certainly not the goal. Sometimes, this means allowing ourselves a guilt-free Netflix binge (hey, it’s all about balance). Whatever the day brings, our goal is to be fully present and make the best possible use of the 24 hours we’re given. Because, YOLO.

At the end of each day, we’re writing down two things:

  1. One thing we did for ourselves
  2. One thing we did for someone else

Whether your resolution is to work out 5 times a week, to spend less money, or to learn a new skill, we hope your ultimate goal is to MAKE IT COUNT. Let us know about your plans for 2017 in the comments below!


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